Anna Whisler
Owner and founder of Family Solutions Counseling

As the founder of Family Solutions Counseling, my goal was to establish a practice that serves under-served and mis-judged populations in our community. We live in a beautiful area geographically, and the people here are typically kind, caring, and family and religion-oriented. That being said, those that do not feel they fall into the majority groups that exist locally often feel disconnected from this community at best, or devalued at worst. As the parent of two LGBT children, it was important to me that there exists a safe environment to serve this population. When we opened our practice in 2017, we primarily served people who identify as “ex-Mormon” or LGBTQIAP . We continue to serve these populations and provide annual charitable contributions to local LGBT groups. As we’ve continued to grow, we’ve recognized the need to be more inclusive of everyone in our community as mental health, family, or addiction challenges touch every family in some way. We’ve selected therapists in our practice with a varied spectrum of life experiences, personal and religious beliefs, clinical experience, education and certifications. We know you’ll find someone here you can feel comfortable working with to become your best self. Our client satisfaction is our main priority, and we are always open to hearing from the community about how we can serve you better. To reach her please email

Lisa Thompson
Co-Owner and Payroll Specialist at Family Solutions Counseling

To reach her please email

Tessa Zippay
Business Manager for Family Solutions Counseling

Hi my name is Tessa!  I want your experience with our office and with therapy to be the best that it can be! I am here to answer any questions or concerns that you may have this could include feedback on a therapeutic experience, billing questions, insurance information, therapist selection, or scheduling conflicts. Please feel free to reach out to me at any time! I love hearing feedback from our clients, whether the feedback is good or bad, I am here to help. To reach me you can email me at or give me a call
at 435-799-5035. Have a great day!