Daphne McKinnon, LCSW

My Commitment and primary mission is to work with individuals, couples, families, and groups toward the meaningful resolutions of the problems these individuals are facing. I provide an atmosphere of respect and dignity where each individual and family can be served. I work with each family and individual client to create practical and effective ways of solving the client’s concerns, issues, and problems.

I charge $100/hr for individual therapy and $120 for couples or family sessions. I also participate in the self-pay discount program. Request this program to receive up to $30 off your next session.

It is my goal to insure that I help individuals and families clarify life’s problems, develop insight, learn and practice new skills and obtain and maintain emotional wellness and resiliency. I practice from a strengths based, solution focused approach. I believe each individual has great worth and potential. I believe in meeting the client where they are and that they are their own agent of change. I have experience working with families to develop healthy parenting tools, communication and create a healthy loving bond. Psychological counseling can help you archive your goals, organize your life, find effective solutions, and overall improve the quality of your life. In the mental health profession, counselors help patients identify thought patterns and modify destructive behaviors that might be interfering with their life.