Public notice of policy practices for responding to online reviews:

Feedback, both negative and positive, is appreciated by our company and staff. It helps us know what we are doing well and where we need to improve. Opinions may vary greatly- just as much as some “customers” may love some aspects of our company, others may find it inconvenient (at best) or damaging (at worst). We always evaluate feedback with a desire to improve and remedy situations when possible.

Given the nature of social media/the internet this day and age, online reviews are often a regular and expected aspect of conducting business. When positive reviews appear online about our company, they may be from former clients or even from people that know our personnel personally or professionally and are well-intentioned when speaking to our reputation. We appreciate these reviews greatly! However, we do not solicit for positive reviews even to counter-balance negative reviews online (as most companies do).

Occasionally, we even have found that “bots” (internet robots that comb the internet and leave random reviews on random company profiles) post reviews in an effort to market their own products, services, or increase their own website traffic. These bots may even post negative reviews to scam/blackmail a company in to paying them to remove the negative review.

However, business in fields with HIPAA guidelines and an ethical/moral obligation for confidentiality are at a disadvantage when it comes to online reviews. While most businesses can publicly dispute negative feedback online, a mental health therapy company cannot publicly, directly¬†dispute any claim or charge against them. For that reason, we’ve elected to respond to online reviews with this general statement. This statement should not be viewed as an admission or denial that the person or entity making a negative statement is/has been in any way associated with our company. They may or may not have been an actual client or have actually interacted with our business. They may or may not be correct in the information they are alleging has actually occurred in the way they allege. Still, their perspective deserves to be heard and to feel strongly enough to post online, we want to hear it for sure!

Our request is that instead of posting negative reviews for us online, we politely ask and highly encourage any person or entity to contact us directly so we can work on finding resolutions to specific complaints or concerns. Or, perhaps we can enact policy changes within to improve our services in the future. This requires us to understand if you’ve been a client in the past and more specifically the details of your concerns. We absolutely take these seriously, as do we take our reputation as a business. We are a business run by people. People are inherently flawed- but changeable! Just as we ask our clients to evaluate their behaviors, and make changes when necessary, we as people in business vow to do the same.

We hope you’ll have a positive, rewarding experience if you do (or have in the past) interact with our company or personnel. Please bring complaints to our attention directly and we will work with you to the best of our ability to improve thanks to your feedback. Call us at 435-799-5035 to speak to our practice manager and concerns will immediately be addressed and if necessary, action taken for change.